Why should you use a powerlifting belt?

Why should you use a powerlifting belt?

  • Increased core stability
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mental Reassurance
  • Increase your lift
  • Improved Biomechanics
  • Breaking through plateaus
  • A point to brace towards



Increasing Your Lift 


On professional athletes belts have been found to increase someone’s maximum lift from 5-15%. This means that on a 100kg (220 Pound) lift you can add 5-15kg onto your lift just by using a belt.


Increased Core Stability


When performing any of the main big 3 exercises such as; Bench press, Deadlift or Squats. It is extremely important to correctly brace your core. Correctly bracing your core allows you to lift through the right muscles which increases stability of the spine.  Our belts provide you with a point where you can tense your abdomen up and outward to improve intra-abdominal pressure whilst lifting, allowing for increased core stability and lifting potential.


Injury Prevention (3)


It is a common trait when lifting close to maximum weight (95-100% of their 1RM) or when you begin to fatigue that your form is the first thing to fail. When using a belt it gives you stability and a bracing point to improve your core strength which prevents spinal flexion (forward bend of the spine) or spinal extension (backwards bend of the spine) which decreases the risk of injury when lifting. Ensuring your posture remains neutral throughout your lifts, therefore optimising your lifting potential.


Mental Reassurance


The comfort of having extra stability will help optimise your lifting ability.


Better Biomechanics


Using powerlifting belts whilst lifting supports a neutral position of your spine, decreasing flexion (backwards bend at the spine), spinal extension (forward bend of the spine) and lateral flexion (side bend at the spine), whilst also safely increasing hip and knee flexion. This recruits a larger mass of muscle whilst lifting which increases your adaptation to heavy stimulus, which in turn has the potential to increase your 1rm lift.


Breaking Plateaus


Everyone has a natural cap where their lifts start to slow down a lot more. When you get to that and you really want to start pushing higher weights all of the things previously mentioned in this article will allow you to break that plateau and push your lifts further.


When should you NOT use a powerlifting belt? 


Studies have found that using a belt increases blood pressure so someone with already high blood pressure should avoid using them. 


People have a perception about belts being a band aid on injuries that are already there. This is not the case at all. If you are injured seek medical advice before using a belt.


When you are inexperienced with lifts your core stability may not be as great as the rest of your body so spending time perfecting these lifts without a belt is essential before you start pushing big weights and using a belt.


When should I use a powerlifting belt? 


Anytime you are exceeding 75% of your 1rm (1 rep max) on squats, deadlifts and potentially bench provided you have done the proper training with form on these lifts.




Do powerlifting belts work? Yes! Powerlifting belts give you all around more stability, a bracing point and comfort in knowing you’re as safe as possible with your heavy lifts. Although our belts provide you with improved core stability, it is important to use your core and surrounding muscles (abdominals, obliques, erector spinae, diaphragm & glutes) correctly and not to solely rely on our belts to prevent risk of injury. Making sure you stick to the things in this article about when and when not to use the belt will ensure that you achieve the best possible results using a powerlifting belt.

Which belt should I use?

There is 2 options that we provide and recommend and it's all down to personal preference. We offer the Buckle Belt 10mm or the Lever Belt 13mm.








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